Tisanos Systems

The ideal solution for a safe and consistent play surface

Tisanos Systems represent a technological advance for play area design, safety and quality.   Tisanos is a complete safety concept consisting of Play Base™, an environmentally sustainable base system and Tisanos Turf™, a proven artificial turf surface.  Tisanos systems offer predictable and reliable safety in all climatic conditions, and are cost effective to install and maintain.

Quality that every play area needs

Safety is the no. 1 concern for any play and multi use area.  Head Injury Criterion or H.I.C. is the international safety standard for playgrounds (EN1177:2008). This test determines the risk of a head injury as a result of an impact with a surface.  Understanding the H.I.C. of a playground surface is to accurately predict the likelihood of a moderate, severe, or catastrophic head injury.  The patented design of Impact-absorbing pistons on the bottom of each Play Base™ panel, together with a unique overlapping joint system, have been specifically engineered to provide optimal and consistent H.I.C. test results.  That is serious peace of mind for the end user, both children and adults.

Tisanos Artificial Turf for playgrounds -

Reasons to install our sand infill turf system

Generally there is no reason not to sand fill the surface. The only benefit to non-sand fill is to the installer, as he does not have the issue of transporting the heavy sand, enabling the installer to cut out a timely process to gain on margins and appear to install at a cheaper price than competitors who sand fill.

Large areas of non-sand filled systems expand with heat during hot weather, creating sagging and ripples. Sand infill stabilizes the system without needing to install a perimeter frame to fix the grass to. Frameworks to which the grass is fixed to pose problems if the newly installed ground work settles, leaving unsightly ridges around the perimeter. Sand filled systems allow the grass surface to settle with any natural ground movement that may occur

Some non-sand fill systems can encounter problems with static, causing an electric shock. Clearly not something you would want to experience when children are using the area.

Non-sand filled areas will not lay flat in contoured areas unlike sand filled surfaces due to the weight holding it in place.

The sand does not transfer on to your clothes and is not visible as stated by some companies.

Some longer piled surfaces without a sand fill will have very little fire resistance;

Non-sand filled surfaces are at greater risk of theft or vandalism, as cutting the product is simple. Sand infill systems help act as a deterrent as it makes it difficult to cut through the product, blunting knife blades instantly.

As stated by some, sand fill systems does not necessarily mean less density or a lower grade of product. We will only use high grade AND high density surfaces.

Both non-sand and sand infill surfaces will encounter similar germination of air born particles. This is simply removed by using a weed suppressor or plucking out weed growth.

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