Tisanos – an environmentally friendly system

Tisanos systems consist of 100% non-toxic, lead-free materials and natural sand infill. The Play Base component is the only base system for children’s playgrounds that is 100% closed-loop recyclable with no limit to the number of times that the material can be recycled. Play Base is such a clean and pure material, that it even conforms to EU norms for food contact.   

Play Base and the eco-effective design concept

Play Base uses an eco-effective approach to design that allows manufacturers and customers to celebrate the quality of materials used in a product. The central idea behind this concept is that a product must be created in such a way that it becomes an asset following its initial use, not a liability.

Play Base is manufactured as an interlocking panel system with the highest quality expanded polypropylene, well known for its longevity and environmental safety. After decades of use, the panels can be easily removed, cleaned and be ready to begin their next life as a quality, durable material with minimal use of additional energy or waste. Alternatively, as a pure mono-component material, the panels can be easily recycled and remade into other quality products, eliminating the demand for new fossil fuels. Most manufactured and in situ materials are hybrids which are mixtures of components that are difficult or impossible to salvage. These materials are simply more expensive to recycle than to dispose of, which means that they inevitably end up being burned or in a landfill.  Play Base is instead a pure non-toxic product that can be used for closed-loop recycling over and over again. Play Base conforms to DIN and ESSM environmental standards.

Brock International BV - Environmental Compatibility and Recycling.pdf

APPENDIX A_Declaration of Conformity - Cradle to Cradle banned susbtances.pdf

APPENDIX B_Brock Assessment_ESSM105-1997 Enviromental Standard.pdf

APPENDIX C_Brock Test Report ESSM105-1997 Environmental Standard.pdf

APPENDIX D_Declaration of Conformity - DIN V180357 and ESSM 105-1997.pdf

APPENDIX E_ Brock Toxicology Report - DIN standard and MEB scanning.pdf

APPENDIX F_Declaration of Conforimity -  EU Food Contact - ARPRO EPP.pdf

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